Indonesian Video Language Course (online version with 4000 words) for only US$59,95 US$ 34,95

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Indonesian Video Language Course (online version with 4000 words) for only US$59,95 US$34,95

All prices include VAT. 
You can pay directly following your order.
After which, you will get your access information immediately and can then immediately start learning online!
Your online language course is valid for ten years.

In order to get the most out of your learning experience, we have developed a ’super learning music‘ that increases your attention and learning ability.

You will relax as the music plays in the back ground, because you are relaxed you will learn more freely and be able to take more information in.
Stress is known to block the learning of new material.

Binaural Beats technology has been integrated into the music, which helps you to remember the vocabulary long term.

In a test with 500 learners and over 100,000 words learned, we measured the following:
Those who listen to the ’super learning music‘ while learning with headphones memorize the words on average 32.9% faster and learn 63.7% longer every day than people who do not listen to ’super learning music‘.

If you prefer to learn without the ’super learning music‘, you can of course switch it off at any time.

System requirements

The video language course is an online course that can be used without pre-installation.

It runs on any smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection (Windows, Linux or Mac), independent of the operating system.

With the online course, you will continue learning where you left off the last time, regardless of the device you used.

31 Days
100% Money Back Guarantee
Try the language course risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied, you will get a 100% refund. No questions asked.


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