There in the deepest depths where every soul can be reached

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The art of proper prayer wants to be practiced.
without ceasing even if our prayers are not heard (answered).
Every artist, every musician knows his beginnings of his learning – all beginnings are difficult – all beginnings require tireless perseverance, even if he can see no or little progress, especially then it is necessary to stay at the „ball“.


From false prayers and bad food for soul…
With false prayers and false spiritual food it is like with the physical diet, if one eats the wrong, so man permanently does not eat high-quality food, so his physical and also his mental development becomes suffering.
The Good Spiritual Nutrition is also a soul-spear, is an important prerequisite for removing sick thoughts or sick fantasies and ideas from our human mind or keeping them away.

Should we take prayer seriously…? we should do so if we want to deal with this issue. Learning to pray properly is a lifelong process into the end of our lives, where we will die in prayer.
Proper, sincere prayer must fill and fill our soul spirit, then our prayer also makes sense. But a superficial prayer is usually without effect, which means that they do not touch YOUR innermost.unterbewusstsein-1024x684


There in the deepest depths where every soul can be reached, there is the source, the invisible power of the human universe.
Whoever is given to immerse himself in this Universal Force only for a few moments is and will carry a new mind, a new spirit, the spirit of the universe.


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