­čĹ╝ If you’ve forgotten how lucky it feels, it will be remembered here. „This unbelievably great feeling when tears of joy run down. ­čĹ╝When gratitude flows through the whole body ­čĹ╝

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Incredible. I heard her first. Who has forgotten or forgotten how love and happiness feels, will be reminded here again. This incredible feeling.

When a YES comes from the heart. When tears of joy run. When gratitude flows through the whole body.

When I started using the music I would have liked to dance. Andreas DAS is so great what you do there. Many thanks to you and Dietmar

Very informative webinar that integrates and brings together scientific, psychological and neurological aspects.

In a sympathetic and honest way – five out of five stars and a clear recommendation on my part!

Claudia Heimann: And once again DM-Harmonics surprises us with a file that has been washed !!! After hearing twice already, I was able to determine a pattern, which topics still hold on to me or have been bound so far had.

How I felt after that? Much freer! A certain emptiness arose after the „yes phase“, as it felt like a part of me was torn out.

However, the part that kept me small and through which I could not fly. To which I had „gotten used“ over time. But it is finally time to be free and truly live and create.

I am looking forward to listening to this audio regularly to make myself freer and freer, to give more space for love and other positive feelings.
Thanks to the whole DM-Harmonics team for this ingenious work.



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